Vision and mission

'For the first time in the development of modern man, there is no longer any difference between what science knows and what ancient spiritual wisdom has taught us for years: namely, that every human being is part of a network of life connected to the deepest degree. That there is nothing in the entire universe that is not part of this, be it a blood cell or a planet. That happiness comes from being with each other and not against each other. And that everything I feel and think and say and do has an impact'

- L. Peulen, Living and working in connection -


Every act, emotion, thought and utterance directly shapes the reality that surrounds us. Thus, reality does not exist 'outside us' but is created in each moment by each of us.

This awareness influences everything I put into the world. It makes life a creative and dynamic process and strengthens my belief in deep transformation. There are the old, limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in survival patterns and make us smaller than we are. At the same time, in every moment we can let go of them. And we can choose what really matters from now on.

The world needs leaders who shed their armor and look naked in the mirror. Leaders who rise above their fear and urge to control, and who connect with their people rooted in strength and vulnerability. Leaders who see that they have influence and make a difference, and from there provide a powerful lever for deep change.

It is my mission to be such a leader. To take each coachee at their own pace to that place of powerful vulnerability and deep connection. To awaken courage, decisiveness and resilience. And to inspire profound change in the service of the greater good.



I have seen Gil work with groups several times. She stimulates and activates people to actually get up and move. She coaches participants in discovering their true power and possibilities, in a direction that is achievable for them

Beli De Meyer
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