Would you like to add depth and inspiration to your networking event, team day or conference? Do you fancy treating visitors to an inspired talk? Or would you like to take your participants on a communal and connecting experience?

My inspirational speeches approach the topic of leadership from a new, refreshing angle and aim at transforming your view of reality. Both in image and text, they combine authenticity and beauty with professionalism and expertise. Above all, they touch your audience's heart and create a shared experience. Which inevitably prompts a confronting reflection and connected action.

What to expect: 

✓ Dynamic mix of professional expertise and recent research around topics such as 'the power of vulnerable leadership' and 'the impact of balanced leadership'

✓ In-depth exchange of professional experience 

✓ Direct and concrete translation into feasible and energy-giving actions on the work floor

Gil is so 'in the moment' that everyone is hanging on her every word, even when she is not speaking

Kristin Verellen
Founder We have the Choice & Organisation coach Peel the Onion




An eye-opening experience, which makes it crystal clear that the tric of an excellent speaker is to be himself

Kurt Peleman
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