Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is about how you express your personal mission and values in every aspect of your company or organization, and how you simultaneously align these with the new values that want to be born collectively. How you are congruent in every moment, towards yourself, your employees, and the greater whole.

Leadership coaching gives you deep insights into yourself and others, and provides you with concrete, immediately applicable tools to act according to those insights. This way, you deepen your collaborative relationships, stay in tune with your own energy levels and maximize your credibility and impact. 

Themes and questions that can result in a trajectory:

- Authentic leadership:

  o Who am I and what do I stand for?
  o How do I ensure that my vision and values are widely supported?
  o Which image do I (unconsciously) convey and what is the impact of this on others?
  o How do I increase my self-confidence and decisiveness?
  o How do I lead from strength rather than power?

- Connecting communication:

  o How do I lead starting from powerful vulnerability while creating sufficient safety?  
  o How do I communicate negative feedback while maintaining the connection in the (cooperative) relationship?
  o How do I communicate in every moment in a respectful and equal way?

- Fatigue and burn-out:

  o How do I experience the difference between what I am good at and what I enjoy doing?
  o How do I live and work more and more from my deepest passion?
  o How do I tap into the talent and passion of my people (more optimally)?
  o How do I limit myself in a constructive way?
  o How do I recognize and set my priorities?



An eye-opening experience, which makes it crystal clear that the tric of an excellent speaker is to be himself

Kurt Peleman
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