Coach the coach

You coach people and you do it well. At the same time, you feel ready for the next step. You want to tap into a deeper wisdom and facilitate your coachee's growth with (even) more self-confidence, empathy, and focus. You want to make full use of your head and your body. Guiding from your soul. Effortlessly.

I am a coach at heart, fascinated by deep transformation and in awe of people's resilience. In my coaching, I open all my senses and am fully present in the moment. I create a safe bed in which the other person finds exactly what they are ready for in that moment.

I combine experiential and body-oriented methodologies with a cognitive approach, depending on the person sitting in front of me. For this, I took courses in Gestalt, NLP, Mindfulness, systemic and family constellations, Voice Dialogue, Qigong, and so on.

I would like to pass on this knowledge, experience, and love for people. To you, coach or (career) advisor. Because the world needs all your talent, passion, and soul power.



To me, Gil is a top coach par excellence! I myself am an experienced coach and over the years I have become very selective in choosing a mentor who can (may) confront and challenge me. With Gil, my critical mindset immediately fell away. She combines her fine empathy with tons of experience and great analytical skills, and she very quickly puts her finger on your development area. What I appreciate enormously is her gentle strength or powerful gentleness, always lovingly confronting and respectfully challenging, sharp but never brusque. Gil does not shy away from confrontation and with a gentle but firm hand, repeatedly brought me to the points or blind spots where my development lay. I was able to learn a lot with and through her wisdom and still cherish these insights today by applying them in my daily life and practice.

San Vangenechten
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